How Are E-liquids Sold In The Market?

In the earlier two articles we discussed the harmful effects of cancer and e-cigarettes as an alternative to the usual cigarettes smoking and the composition of e-liquids. Always remember that all sources of nicotine be it cigarettes or the latest e-cigarettes are harmful to health and should be best avoided keeping in mind your well being and safety of people around you. Using e-cigarettes causes health trouble especially in children and birth defects in unborn fetus if the expecting parents are smokers.

Concentration Of E-liquids Sold In The Market

In this article we will see in detail how e-liquids are sold in the market. Most manufacturers sell wholesale e-liquid to cut down the wholesale e-liquidexpenses as they are cost effective when bought in bulk. E-liquids are sold in bottles or disposable containers or as a kit for buyers to make their own e-juices. Some seller allow their customers to choose their own composition of e-liquid and these e-juices are available in variety of flavors and aromas and are usually made of tobacco and fruit flavors.

Nicotine concentration is usually measured as ‘mg/ml’ or sometimes measured I’m’ depending upon the manufacturer. The nicotine level in most of the e-liquids sold in the market is 18 mg/ml and the most wanted e-cigarette’s flavor is mint with fruit and nicotine. The disposable cartridges contain up to 20 mg of nicotine and refills contain 1 g of tobacco and lasts as long as one pack of cigars do where as refill e-juices are available from 15 to 30 ml and last longer than nicotine cartridges. About 8000 flavors of e-juices are manufactured till date. Putting all together, an e-cigarette gives roughly 300 to 500 puffs per ml of e-liquid.