Three of Vietnam’s most important historical monuments

Besides some world class national parks, Vietnam is home to some Temples and ancient archaeological wonders as well.  Even if you do not have time to explore all of them, make sure that you visit the following three attractions.

Visit extravagant Royal Tombs

Royal Tombs is a group of tombs from Nguyen dynasty, constructed between 1820 and 1945. This monument is few kilometers away from Hue town, and is situated along River Perfume’s banks.  Records suggest that these tombs were planned and designed by emperors. This may sound weird, but some of these tombs were also used as residences by emperors.

Some of the most important parts of tombs are stele pavilion, Temple to worship the emperor and empress, enclosed sepulcher, stone elephant and horses that honor the emperor, and lotus pond. You would find these five common factors in all tombs.   You would have to travel by boat to reach most of these tombs.

Temple of the Jade Mountain

This archaeologically marvelous temple is located in central part of Vietnam’s Hanoi city.  The temple is also known as Ngoc Son Temple and is situated in Hoan Kiem Lake’s small island.  The temple is connected with lake-shore by elegant looking scarlet bridge. Temple is dedicated to General Tran Hung Dao for his brave efforts taken to defeat Mongols.

vietnam trekkingCu Chi Tunnels are an important part of Vietnam’s history

There are several important monuments related to Vietnam War in the country. But tunnels used by Viet Cong guerrillas are considerably popular among tourists. Known as Cu Chi Tunnels, the network of tunnels is located near Ho Chi Minh City, and is open for tourists. You can actually enter these tunnels and crawl for few minutes to experience the history. As these tunnels are safe, you can also ask your kids to join you.

If you are planning to enjoy adventure sports at one of national parks or popular vietnam trekking spots, it is advisable to visit the above monuments first. Then allot the remaining time for adventure sports.